Super Visa Insurance in Surrey Super Visa Insurance in Surrey is the comprehensive medical coverage from a travel insurance company you can trust to. If you immigrating new to Canada whether you traveling or studying in Canada. Aman insurance has you covered. We are dealing with our clients with the best experience. A Medical emergency while abroad could cost a bundle our visit to Canada and super visa plans have you covered. Here are some of the key features: –

Transportation of family or friends

Emergency hospital and medical

Emergency dental

Return of the deceased

Accidental death & dismemberment

Side Trip Coverage

 Transportation of Family or Friends: – In any emergency your attending physician recommends a friend or family member to be at your bedside. This plan of super visa insurance in Surrey will cover up to $3,000 for their transportation to Canada.

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Super Visa Insurance in Surrey

Emergency Hospital and Medical: – In super visa insurance in surrey plans for all kind of emergency hospital and medical coverage included.  Coverage helps us by providing for unexpected costs due to injury or an accident. Super visa insurance in surrey That requires hospitalization, With medical services such as analysis, laboratory test, and prescription drugs.

Emergency Dental: – Hopefully, a blow to a face never happens, however in the beyond belief event it does. Therefore, this plan covers up to $4,000 for the serious dental treatment and services.

Return of the deceased: – your family would be assuming that up to $10,000 in order to transport your remains back to your country of origin. This coverage has also used to burn a dead person’s body at the place of death, with a $4,000 limit.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment: – Our super visa plan in Surrey includes free coverage for accidental death & dismemberment. This plan is provided up to the full policy limit there is an accident resulting in your death or loss of limbs.

Side trip coverage: – In every plan, there is free side trip included in coverage. As long as you spend at least 51% of your time in Canada.  You can travel across the world wherever you want while knowing you are fully protected by side trip coverage.

Parent and grandparent super visa coverage

If your parent and grandparent want to come to Canada then you have to check out the government regulations around the below. Remember to use Aman Insurance you’re your super visa Insurance. Click here for more services

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Super Visa Insurance in Surrey

Visitor Visa or Super Visa? 
We have a choice to either apply for the regular tourist visa or super visa to come to Canada. Here are some differences: –

If we apply for a tourist visa they can only stay in Canada for 6 months from the date of entry. You have an option apply for the extension of stay within Canada for two years. whereas super visa allows them to stay in Canada for 2 years without being required to apply again.

  1. The success rate of getting super visa is much higher (87%) than the regular visa.
  2. The processing time of regular visa is much shorter within 4-5 days, you get the decision of acceptance or refusal. Whereas super visa processing can take 4-8 weeks.
  3. To qualify for the super visa, you have to meet with income requirements (LICO) whereas for visitor no such requirements.
  4. Visitor visa has a possibility of just getting for 6 months and have to reapply if want to come again. Whereas super visa gives peace of mind for the next ten years multiple entries with no need to apply for the visa.


  1. Parents who were previously declined for visitor visa when applied under the super visa got approved.
  2. Applications under super visa need to accompany with super visa insurance whereas visitor visa does not have any requirements.
  3. The success of super visa can be seen in last 1 year 11,000 super visas were issued to parents or grandparents.
  4. Super Visa is definitely a good choice to go with if you meet with income requirement.  you want to get your parents to get the visa with higher chances of getting this special visa.

Super Visa Insurance for Parents and Grandparents

If you are interested to bring your parents or grandparents to visit you, there are following steps involved in obtaining a Super Visa insurance in surrey for them.

With all the demands on your schedule, helping your loved ones find the coverage that fits their needs at affordable rates is just one more thing to add to your “To Do” list. We offering you quotes from different insurance providers online.

You can shop the market at any time that is convenient for you. You don’t need to wait for regular business hours or contact with several companies to find the suitable Super Visa insurance. In Surrey, Super visa insurance for your parents or grandparents will make easy and happy. You can get a quote for coverage on your schedule. Nothing could be easier or more convenient.

Super visa application requirements:

When applying for a Super Visa, applicants must provide proof that they’ve purchased an insurance policy that:

  • Comes from a Canadian insurance company.
  • Is valid for a minimum of one year.
  • Covers health care, hospitalization, and repatriation.
  • Provides a minimum of $100,000 in coverage.
  • Is valid each time the visa holder enters Canada.

Travel and visitor’s insurance for Super Visa applicants

Parents and grandparents visiting family in Canada from abroad have the option to stay in Canada for upto two years. if you applying for a Super Visa insurance in Surrey. A requirement to obtain the Super Visa insurance in Surrey requires proof of private emergency medical insurance. it builds for a minimum of a year and $100,000 in health coverage. it issued by a Canadian travel insurance insurer.

Travel insurance offered visitors to Canada, provides convenient, affordable protection that meets Super Visa insurance in surrey application requirements, including:

  • The ability to return to the home country during the trip without canceling coverage
  • Rates for visitors up to age 84