Non-Medical Life Insurance

Non-medical life insurance also referred to as no exam life insurance it helps to decrease the pain of buying life insurance. We all want to protect our family and loved ones from unexpected time and ensure they are financially secure as well. Especially, when we’re no longer around to support them. When you going to apply for life insurance from the insurance company they don’t want terminal cases or major disease who are going to die soon in future. In such cases, a non-medical life insurance could be the answer to all these problems.

It also affordable and reliable plan which also helps to offer peace of mind. However, age, lack of time or health problem can prevent us from getting the protection we need. We focused on this plan to helping Canadians circumstances get coverage by this plan. We are dealing with all major insurers and have access to all major selection of the non-medical plan.

When should I buy a non-medical insurance policy

Non-medical insurance is the best policy for people who want to protect their life with a life insurance policy. But they unable to get This standard policy or protection plan due to some health issues or other reason.

  • If you have any chronic illness or disease such as diabetes, heart disease, HIV, or major cancer.
  • If you work in a dangerous field, business or occupation such as roofing, sea fishing, navy or logging.
  • If you have been doomed by vicious driving in the past
  • If you have been refused for standard life insurance.
  • If you’re uncomfortable to go through the medical examination.