Travelance Inc. is a new and innovative insurance broker based across Canada. We are delighted to share with you that we have dedicated our business to the sales and service of competitive, high-quality products in emergency medical travel insurance in Canada.

We have an exclusive arrangement with our underwriter, Reliable Life, with which we have introduced relevant and unique ideas to support you, as an Agent and your customers. This, combined with our attractive commission rates and commission overrides, creates a package we believe “cannot be beaten!”

To support you, we have introduced a user-friendly B2B software system that makes it easy to sell and administer Travelance products! Through this system, you will also have access to other tools to help you support and develop new business opportunities.

Look out! We’re coming July 22, 2018, and we want to partner with you! If you share our values of professionalism and integrity, then join us so that we can enjoy success together! 

Welcome us as we have more exciting coming up …!

Travelance – Your Peace of mind, Our Promise!